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Kratom Resin

Kratom Resin

Today, kratom is available for purchase in three forms: whole leaf, powdered extract, and as resin. And, while whole leaf maintains the appeal of a natural, organic product, and the powdered extract is by far the most reliable form of kratom, there are still some people out there who have an affinity for the resin. And perhaps the allure of kratom resin is often as simple as aesthetics: there is just “something” enticing about a solid, dark chunk of kratom. As an exotic ethnobotanical product, many people also find satisfaction in holding their entire supply in their hand, tossing it back and forth as a kid might with his favorite baseball, their prized possession. There might also, unfortunately, be a few among the fans of kratom resin who wrongly connect it to another, far less safe and legal Asian export, the poppy plant that is harvested for opium. It should be made perfectly clear: kratom in resin form has no relation whatsoever to opium, despite whatever physical comparisons some might point out.

There are, however, a few notable downsides to purchasing kratom in the form of resin. In today’s over-drawn market, where kratom retailers are popping up as frequently as celebrity sex tapes, there is no shortage of second-rate sellers eager to swindle their way to a quick profit. Since few retailers who sell resin will openly attest to its potency, knowing what measurement to use can turn into a primetime television mystery. Resins are far less reliable than more highly-regulated, powdered extracts. Also, be sure to inquire how the extracts behind the kratom resin were extracted. It is crucial that the extracts used to make resin are crafted from fresh, rather than dry, leaves, since the important oils will be lost in the drying process.

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