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Historically, a “forum” denoted an open space where people were free to voice opinions, carry on debates, and in general, communicate with one another in an unrestricted manner, and this is no different for the kratom forums found on the internet today. The most famous forums were Roman, often located centrally in their cities. Today they can be found across Italy and beyond, often in the form of piazzas. Likewise, so too are the various forms of public plazas and parks found across the globe based on this ancient meeting place designed for public exchange of ideas.

Today the word has acquired an entirely new meaning that isn’t actually all that removed from this ancient idea. In common parlance, a “forum” is a website organized around the same principles as the historic forums – the free exchange of ideas in the interest of increased knowledge. A quick browsing of the internet will find dozens of forums catering to even the most private of interests, from video games to movies to a city’s best kept secret places to get a slice of pizza.

Among these various options are a selection of kratom forums, where people share their experiences and discuss the best places to get your hands on the plant. Some of the best organized kratom forums are Erowid, and Odiophile, both of which feature a wide variety of users contributing thoughts and opinions.

As a word of advice, be on the lookout for kratom forums operated by specific retailers. Often these forums will be overseen by a moderator with a vested interest in skewing the facts to his benefit, which goes against everything the Romans would have stood for. Also, be sure to take every posting on a kratom forum with a grain of salt. There are only a handful of experts on the plant whose opinions are to be trusted. A novice’s post can be interesting, just make sure to cross-reference it with official literature to ensure safety.