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Erowid on Kratom

In a world that overflows with information, where data and opinions are traded like baseball cards and leveraged like old favors, a revolutionary group of free-culture net-heads are leading the charge to democratize information. Using the internet as their battleground, these people aim to spread understanding in a non-commercial way, less interested in profit or power than with educating the masses.

Since it was started in 1995, Erowid has become an axis of information for anyone curious about psychoactives and herbal products. Based on a longstanding respect for truth, accuracy, and covering all sides of an issue, Erowid aims to collect and share knowledge in hopes of broadening the level of understanding for products that, due variously to a multitude of conservative, selfish causes, often are forced to exist in the shadows of mainstream culture.

We believe the educated consumer is the best consumer, and Erowid’s kratom entry is certainly worth your time. The site lists the plant’s genus, Mitragyna, and species, speciosa. It also links to a series of pictures of the plant, along with description of the plant’s effects and history of use.

In addition, Erowid kratom will also make explicit US Law regarding kratom, along with explanation of international regulations. For the more scientifically-minded among us, Erowid kratom also breaks down the 25 alkaloids present in Mitragyna speciosa, including the three most prominent, mitragynine, paynanthine, and speciogynine. And there is much, much more to learn.

The site also provides forums for discussion about kratom and other plants, where people share their experiences and offer advice. All of this combines to make their website a reliable research tool for any who are interested.