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Kratom Extract Differences

The more popular Kratom becomes, the more misinformation there seems to be on the internet in relation to it. And this is truly the case when it comes to the growing rumor that states; “The only difference between the strength of Kratom Extract is the fineness of the grind.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The rumors state that if kratom extract is more finely ground, then it’s called something stronger. For example, simple, powdered kratom leaf is “commercial leaf.” If it’s more finely ground, then it’s called “super kratom” or “pimp’s kratom” and if it’s really finely ground, then it’s called 10x or 15x or 20x extract.

But the truth is, is that while the fineness of the grind can make something more easily absorbed, thereby making it appear more potent than it might actually be, the plain fact is that the rate of absorption, although somewhat faster for plain or “super” leaf, is still far slower than the rate of absorption and the amount of alkaloid absorbed from a true concentrated extract.

In other words; if this rumor were true, then powdering kratom leaf in a coffee grinder and then sifting out only the finest particles that match the fineness of a true kratom extract should produce the same effects. But it doesn’t. And again, it’s because no matter how fine you grind regular leaf, thereby increasing the rate of absorption, it still doesn’t come close to the rate of absorption that a true extract is capable of.

It does take trusting the vendor you make your purchase from to some extent, but this rumor is easily tested with a coffee grinder. Buy some commercial leaf and buy some kratom extract as well. Grind the leaf into a fine powder, then try it on one day, and the kratom extract on another day. If you purchased true kratom extract, whether standardized or crude, you will notice a marked difference.