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Chewing Kratom

Chewing Kratom

There is a certain luxury in the notion of proximity. By and large, those who live close to a product’s source will reap the benefits. This phenomenon can be seen across the spectrum of products, from fruits and vegetables in regions closer to the equator, to the chocolate lovers of Switzerland, or the New Englanders treated to fresh lobster pulled form cages each morning. Red Stripe lager tastes better in Jamaica, and maple syrup is richer, and more satisfying the closer you are to its tree. This same principle of proximity holds for those people looking to chew fresh kratom leaves.

Among the regions where Mitragyna speciosa grows naturally, chewing kratom is a practice as common as an American sipping on a freshly-brewed latte. Just as Peruvians are known to chew coca leaves at various points throughout a day, in South-East Asia, kratom is most commonly chewed in recently-picked, whole-leaf form. In terms of our regional phenomenon, Southeast Asians reap the benefit of proximity by having at their disposal kratom leaves that have been picked and sold quickly, making the act of chewing kratom something quite different than we might have here in the states. As such, the kratom they chew is far less bitter than that which has been dried and shipped.

It should be noted that kratom seeds are quite difficult to come by, so the option of growing Mitragyna speciosa is not easily available to anyone interested. Currently, though, the number of “kratom” trees in the States are few and far between, and it would require knowing someone who has one to get yourself a cutting or a live plant. Thus we see far fewer practitioners of kratom chewing in the United States, and many more using kratom extract powder to concoct a tea to drink. Chewing fresh Kratom leaves for me, is the only real way to experience the full benefits and effects of this amazing plant, but it truly is a luxury for most.

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