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Kratom Powder

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Kratom powder is simply the finely powdered version of dried kratom leaf sold by many vendors online. You can buy kratom powder in both plain and enhanced forms; enhanced kratom powder contains an extract of kratom leaf and will be stronger. However, if you’re interested in using kratom powder to make your own resins and tinctures, it’s best to buy the plain powdered leaf so you can control the extract strength. Powdered kratom is the most commonly available kratom product out there; you may also see kratom being sold as a crushed leaf (also called tea-cut for its consistency, which is like loose leaf tea), whole leaf, resin, tincture, and kratom capsules. Consumers have so many options in the kratom market, it’s not always easy to decide which kind of kratom you should go with. This article will outline some of the benefits of powdered kratom.

It’s Convenient:

First of all, kratom powder is really easy to use “right out of the box”. Unlike kratom resins or capsules which might require another step before consumption, such as dissolving them in liquid, taking kratom powder is as simple as measuring some onto a tray or piece of paper and knocking it back! If you haven’t already, we recommend buying a digital scale that measures milligrams. This piece of equipment is invaluable for measuring precise amounts of kratom powder, especially when you’re dealing with enhanced extracts. It can be tricker to evaluate precise amounts when you’re measuring other forms of kratom such as kratom resin chunks.

The easiest way to take kratom powder is to do what some users call a “toss and wash”: after you’ve precisely measured your dose of kratom, place the powdered kratom in your mouth and wash it down with water, juice, or another non-alcoholic beverage. It’s recommended to always follow kratom powder with a beverage, as trying to swallow the dry powder can be difficult and unpleasant.

It’s Versatile:

Kratom powder is also a great base material for making your own kratom extracts. The plain kratom leaf can be decocted into a resin extract or steeped into a tincture, and in both processes you get to control the concentration of the kratom extract as precisely as you wish. You can also steep powdered kratom into a tea just like green or black tea, or dissolve the powder in juice or another liquid and drink it that way.

It’s Cost Effective:

Finally, because kratom powder is minimally processed without any added extract (as long as you get the plain kind), it is also one of the more economical forms of kratom to work with. Frequently, the only cheaper products are crushed kratom leaf, because this is even less processed than the powdered version.

Make Your Own Kratom Powder:

If you want to save a few dollars, you can buy crushed or whole leaf kratom from an online vendor and take the extra step of powdering it yourself. All you’ll need is a blender, coffee grinder, or spice grinder. Make sure your appliance is very clean first, to avoid contaminating your kratom powder. If you’re using whole leaf kratom, crush the leaves with a mortal and pestle first. Then place your crushed kratom into the grinder or blender and process at medium speed until the kratom has reached a powdery consistency. Using a clean bristle brush, sweep your kratom powder into an airtight, light-blocking container such as an opaque tupperware and store it away from moisture and sunlight.

Now, you probably won’t get a powder that’s quite as fine as the kratom powder offered by vendors: professional kratom manufacturers use industrial equipment such as hammer mills to achieve that ultra-fine, fluffy consistency. However, with a little practice you can achieve a consistency that is close to that ideal fluffiness. And there you are! A smooth, powdered kratom you can use whenever the mood strikes.