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Why Kratom Capsules Are Ineffective

Why Kratom Capsules Are Ineffective

It’s funny; Kratom capsules have become the #1 selling Kratom product on the internet, yet they are, by far, the most ineffective way of working with Kratom.  It doesn’t really matter how strong the capsules are; whether they’re Maeng da or some other premium grade because the resulting effect will still far less effective than when not encapsulated.

But, if capsules are purchased so those without scales can know exactly the amount of Kratom powder they’re working with, then capsules are an ingenious method of working with repeatable amounts of Kratom powder.  That’s a good thing.  But, back to those who think Kratom inside capsules is a good means of ingestion:

Kratom relies on absorption rate to be effective.  This is why tinctures made of Kratom can be so effective; they absorb into the mouth almost instantly, and all at once.  Capsules dissolve at different rates in the stomach, therefore metering out the amount of Kratom that gets absorbed into a system.  Coupled with the different dissolve rates of capsules, as well as the different size powder particles, Kratom Capsules are simply an ineffective means of delivery.

Ginkgo BilobaUnfortunately, it’s the type of marketing associated with Kratom accompanied by the sale of Kratom capsules that has made the Kratom industry such a target for the FDA.  Anyone unscrupulous enough to sell Kratom capsules for consumption with comparisons to prescription medication, are also careless enough to simply want to cash in on the Kratom market, at any cost.   Look to the plethora of herbal capsules at any gas station or quick mart; they’re filled with false claims and put themselves and the consumer at risk.  The same has unfortunately become true for Kratom capsules.

Most of the Kratom capsules we found came with claims, flashy packages, and can be found alongside dangerous “legal highs” like Bath Salts (that are now, thankfully, not legal anymore).  If the Kratom vendors would have simply stuck to selling raw plant material, lightly extracts plant material, or a liquid extract of the product, there likely wouldn’t be such a spotlight on Kratom as there is during the writing of this article.  Claims and flashy packaging with some Kratom capsules inside makes it look like Kratom is the latest new drug, the latest pill you can pop to get relaxed, to ease your pain, to take away your anxiety; it’s amazing how many claims are being made.

So, although Kratom capsules may look nice in flashy packaging; they’re just that; flashy packaging.  For a genuine Kratom experience, purchase from vendors who don’t try to sell the product as an herbal supplement in a pill, and offer it as raw plant material for research or as botanical specimens.  Personally, I feel that in order to get a true experience with Kratom is to work with it the way it’s traditionally been worked with; by hand, by working with whole, crushed, or powdered leaf.  If it’s inside a capsule for easy measuring then whatever works best for you.

– Joe Kratom


  1. I have been using Kratom capsules daily for almost a year, bought from a VERY reliable vendor. I don’t know if it’s against the rules to mention a source, so I won’t for now. You can help the capsules dissolve by drinking a large cup or two of some hot beverage. Coffee, tea, Yerba Mate, or whatever. I love Chamomile tea when I’m winding down after work. I usually take 20-30 capsules with .6 grams of kratom for this purpose. It might seem like a lot, but I have quite a tolerance to kratom and opioid painkillers. In the morning, I take anywhere between 4 to 7 capsules, immediately followed by several cups of hot coffee. The coffee, or any other hot beverage, greatly increase the rate at which the capsules dissolve. It works perfectly for me. I’m currently experimenting with turmeric and black pepper in order to potentiate the Kratom experience. Piperine, from black pepper, increase the absorption of many substances, allegedly kratom as well. The Curcumin from the turmethric has been used by many people to increase the effects of Kratom. Curcumin isn’t very bioavailable on it’s own, but the Piperine exponentially increases it’s bioavailability. Wish me luck! Anyways, I just wanted to say that capsules are perfectly fine to use if you tweak the absorption rate a bit.Of course, the capsules found in “head shops” with flashy packaging are usually not very potent, for a number of reasons. Especially the extracts, which are horribly expensive and (in my experience)a lot less potent than fresh kratom leaf, ground ultra-fine to increase surface area. Stay away from these “head shops,” and find a reliable online vendor like I have. Again, I don’t know the rules about sourcing, but if someone replies, I’ll give the name of said vendor.

  2. Yes, the kratom capsules are drawing un wanted attention from FDA and local law enforcement. Never buy Kratom at head shops as they are the problem. I get mine from a friend in Bali, never have trouble with customs. A local jerk sells (50x) capsules as natures percoset for $7.00 each. When this wonderful plant is banned in America we can thank crooks like him.

  3. the reason the capsules sell well is because they give such a small, but noticeable effect. I have seen them sell for $64.00 for 30 grams!!! the vendors should not sell to them. you can not get the desired effects from 4 or 5 capsules like you can not get an effect on a couple sips of coffee!