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It is human nature to lust after that which is beautiful. Our instincts draw us toward the colorful and the shapely. Who would claim to prefer a flower’s plain stalk over its colorful bud? And yet, no matter how much attention we humans devote to the “sexier” parts of a plant, it is the plain, dutiful leaf that is the most important to its survival. For it is in the leaf where photosynthesis takes place, the conversion of light energy into the chemical energy the plant needs to survive. By transforming the raw material of carbon dioxide and water, energized by sunlight, into glucose and oxygen, the plant’s leaves provide the energy to create and sustain our fetish flower. Boring, yes, but without leaves, our precious plant life could never produce that which we so deeply desire.

The leaf of a kratom plant has the dense green color we often associate with tropical rainforests. Capable of reaching lengths of over 7 inches, and widths beyond 4 inches, the kratom leaf is shaped like a single teardrop, with colorful veins running throughout. And it is the kratom leaf that, for years, has served as the source of the Thailand’s kratom usage. Typically, the leaf is hand picked and laid out to dry, flat on its side. Next, the kratom leaf is either chewed as is, or ground into a fine powder for easier consumption.

The kratom leaves sold here come from either Thai kratom plants, or from our private reserve in India. Both are certified natural, meaning each one was handpicked. So, whether it is dried, whole-leaf you prefer or ground kratom leaf extract, the product you order will come naturally from the ancient Mitragyna tree, green and lush in its natural, jungle state, sustainably harvested, and perpetually growing.


  1. I’ve been ripped off by numerous vendors over the last couple of months. I can’t find quality kratom ANYWHERE!

    Bunk kratom: A serious problem in which must be publicly addressed.

    Here are just a few of my observations comprising what surreptitious kratom vendor-villains have been complicit in doing…

    1). Marketing Mitragyna Parvifolia under the deception of being genuine MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA; or at the very least CUTTING the good with the bad. Mitragyna Parvifolia is a pathetic species in which boasts of its bunk-ass alkaloids. Its effects are pathetic, though criminal cowards are selling it in place of m. speciosa.

    2). Selling bunk-ass leaf that has been subjected to prior chemical-extractions. This garbage is then marketed as if it were unadulterated leaf, which pisses me off more than the above scam. It’s very interesting that just after big pharma patented kratom’s alkaloids it is now virtually impossible to get “that old familiar effect!” That is because they have stripped it from the leaf material in which they surreptitiously sell to us. I bet that the wholesalers are conducting chemical-pulls on their leaf so that they can sell the good alkaloids to big pharma.

    Conversely, enough residual traces of alkaloids tends to remain in the adulterated leaf products to still pass as alleged kratom, BUT VERY WEAK KRATOM. Then they sell us their bunk as if we deserve it, justifying their utter crimes against us under the biased pretense that it is okay to rip-off druggies; as they curse their victims, all the while spending their victims’ hard earned money on their own “alcohol drug use.” I hate alcohol.

    3). Cutting good leaf with some other type of organic material; or simply just selling pure counterfeit leaf.

    Good kratom has practically become a MYTH over night. Don’t patronize me about tolerance because I KNOW my body and what to expect from a quality kratom leaf product. Arguably, one doesn’t need an extract if he or she has a reliable source of HIGH QUALITY LEAF STRAINS!

    Over the last few months I’ve seen more bunk kratom than throughout my 12+ years of partaking. Yes, the market is literally FLOODED with purely GARBAGE kratom leaf. For instance, there used to be a time when Red Vein Thai and Red Vein Maeng-Da were ALWAYS dependably good quality kratom strains, but not anymore! You aren’t even getting what is being advertised at the vendors’ websites. Kratom might as well be a schedule I controlled substance if it is all going to be bunk.

    As of recently, it seems that certain MAJOR distributors in Indonesia have intentionally flooded the marketplace with exceedingly substandard leaf products, ENCOMPASSING EVERY STRAIN BEING SOLD. All over the internet, why is it that kilos are suddenly available for under $150.00? All of these low priced kilos of substandard garbage leaf; I will bet money on it! Every kilo that I have invested in was crap.

    Good kratom is no longer available, even if you are willing to pay $300.00 per pound for it. Regardless of the price or the strain that is being advertised, the consumer is still being sold trash leaf that has been indirectly filtered through the same sources of counterfeit-bunk in which the rest of the garbage leaf had originated from! It used to be that you would get what ya pay for, but not anymore!

    • David,

      We hear you loud and clear. This is exactly why has 100% of their Kratom tested by They don’t offer any Kratom unless it has a verified fingerprint, and has a minimum of 1.2% alkaloid content in it. ShamansGarden has been around since 1999, and has over 1,000,000 customers and counting.

      Thanks again for such an informative comment.

      Team Kratom