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Bestselling Kratom

In terms of the bestselling Kratom, it might be time for Americans to reevaluate our obsession with lists. Hardly a day goes by when the average citizen escapes being pounded with the latest word of “the weekend’s highest grossing movie,” or, “the number one album in America.” So powerful have these rankings become that the companies distributing the product will do whatever it takes to get theirs listed highly.

And where does that leave consumers? Are we to assume that the weekend’s highest grossing movie is the country’s best? For how many weeks of this young millennium has the number one bestselling album been that of a disposable pop icon? We have to wonder: at what point did “bestselling” stop being about quality, and start being about buzz? And that’s not even mentioning the sort of books that normally occupy the New York Times bestsellers list…

The danger here, of course, is becoming trapped in what everyone else is doing. We are, it seems, a nation of followers. Rather than strike out and make decisions for ourselves, we prefer to emulate the ones made by the population at large. And the companies labeling their products “bestselling” know this.

Luckily, in a specialty market like ours, “bestselling Kratom” still means something. As with most niche markets, that which is premium still rises to the top. When we speak of our bestselling Kratom, you can believe it’s not a case of buzzwords and empty marketing. The reason our Standardized 10x incense is our bestselling Kratom is simple: consistent, reliable quality. In our world the consumer is still the ultimate judge of character, not some arbitrary bestseller list. So, if you choose, begin with our bestselling Kratom, and we guarantee you won’t be sorry. Or, venture down the list and try any of our other variations. Experimentation is the spice of life, after all. Perhaps someone should explain that to the list mongers.