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Kratom Basics

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has recently been mis-categorized as a ‘synthetic’ and a ‘synthetic street drug’. It absolutely is not; Kratom is a 100% natural plant and herbal supplement that has been used safely for thousands of years. There is also a growing body of clinical studies that outline Kratom’s potential life-saving medicinal properties. Before you make your Kratom purchase, why not educate yourself and join the fight to keep Kratom legal today by visiting the Botanical Legal Defense website?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has taken the world by storm, and this is the original informational site, with up-to-date research on anything related to this versatile plant, including the best sources we’ve personally discovered. We seek shops who offer Kratom products made from only the highest quality leaf, such as Rifat (Red Vein), Maeng Da, Thai leaf, or the latest “Private Reserve” offered by just a few online shops. All are known for their high mitragynine content, one of the main, but certainly not the only, active alkaloids in this ancient plant native to Thailand.

Not sure where to go first? – Read our Kratom Extracts research article that de-mystifies all the claims about potency of different Kratom resins and extracts. There’s a rumor going around that some extracts are no more than finely ground kratom leaf, but we address that in our ” No Difference Between Kratom Extracts?” article. Kratom is an integral part of my world, and the places I recommend here are places that I personally buy kratom from. The wide and varied use of this plant throughout history offers things that no other legal psychoactives offer. Don’t confuse this amazing plant with a recreational drug; only responsible use and responsible marketing of Kratom will help keep it legal for many years to come.

So, if you wish to buy Kratom, buy only VERIFIED products that have been tested by well-known botanists like Daniel Siebert. Be wary of the fake Kratom that repeatedly appeared on the net; it’s inferior to the product offered at the well-respected and trusted online entheogen venders we exclusively link to.

One absolute favorite all-time source is Shaman’s Garden and the other is the IAmShaman Shop. Both places have been around longer than just about any other vendor on the web; they’ve earned the reputation as the most reliable, lowest priced, and in possession of the highest quality Kratom anywhere. It’s no surprise that they are the first shops to offer a micronized, Water Soluble Kratom Extract that is unlike anything else on the market.

Both websites above offer the exact same Kratom products (or better) for far less than what is offered at places like Both shops often have Kratom Seeds as well, which we discuss in detail in our growing kratom article.

Speaking of; want to grow your own Kratom plants? – We’re extremely proud of our article entitled Kratom Plant Secrets, which discusses the most effective way to keep your new (and expensive) seedlings that you buy online alive and well. We’ve had nothing but great customer service from both shops and we have no complaints whatsoever. Both the RIFAT and the BUMBLEBEE strains are now reportedly shipping to USA addresses from both of the above websites.

More on Kratom

Mitragynine isn’t the only known desirable alkaloid contained within this plant; there’s a complex series of 14-24 alkaloids that work together synergistically, and can only be gathered through both a water extraction and an alcohol extraction combined. Keep this in mind whenever working with Kratom in any capacity.

Also, look the the left and you will see images of the gorgeous flowers of this plant; they look like some kind of “space spikes” and can grow to be as big as a fist. (We have a beautiful close-up of a kratom plant as a reference if you’re interested. The Mitragyna genus, part of the family Rubiaceae, is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia and Africa. Asian Mitragynas are often found in rainforests, while the African species (which are sometimes still classed in a separate genus, Hallea) are often found in swamps. Most species reach heights of almost 100 feet.

Reportedly there’s a new strain of “Private Reserve” trees that are privately grown and have been said to be shooting up a remarkable 4-6 feet per year. This makes it obvious that their Kratom trees are getting ready to be giants from this very young age.

Our growing list of Informational Articles include:

Thailand is a Southeast Asian, predominantly Buddhist kingdom almost smack dab in-between India and China. For centuries it was known by outsiders as Siam, and Thailand has been something of a Southeast Asian crossroads. It is here where we find accounts of the earliest stories of chewing kratom to help one get through their work day.

Thailand has an area of 517,000 sq km, making it slightly smaller than the state of Texas in the USA, or about the size of France. Its shape on the map has been compared to the head of an elephant, with its trunk extending down the Malay peninsula. The center of Thailand stands Bangkok, and Thailand has perhaps the most diverse climate in South East Asia.

There are high mountains in the in the North where little grows (the southernmost extreme of a series of ranges that extend across northern Myanmar and south-west China to the south-eastern edges of the Tibet Plateau) to limestone-encrusted tropical islands in the South that are part of the Malay Archipelago.

These broad geographic characteristics divide the country into four main zones: the fertile centre region, dominated by the Chao Phraya River; the north-east plateau, the kingdom’s poorest region, rising some 300m above the central plain; Northern Thailand, a region of mountains and fertile valleys; and the Southern peninsula, which extends to the Malaysian border frontier and is predominantly rainforest. This lush rainforest is the home of most of the Mitragyna trees.

So, throughout the website, we’ve offer an ever-increasing amount of useful information about all kinds of kratom products such as the relatively new standardized kratom and the controversial new guinea 20x extract, as well as Bali kratom pies and kratom leaf.

We also have links to places like a kratom forum that we neither visit or endorse, as well as our favorite venders selling kratom, unique articles that ask questions about what kratom effects have been documented and tested, or where to find the bestselling kratom on the internet, and much more.

Look to our SITEMAP for all our articles and information.

Further Info & Articles

If you have any information that you would feel is useful to us in any way, please contact us at admin at kratomshop dot com, and we will respond as quickly as possible. We offer payment for unique articles you may have, including experience and historical reports related to this plant that has such rich historical value. If you are looking for kratom wholesale, if you have wholesale questions or are simply looking for kratom recipes please feel free to peruse our site, where you will even find articles about our own personal experiences with a slew of online venders, including our own pitfalls and recommendations that we have found throughout our history as the premier informational site regarding this plant. We only do Kratom, and we cover it better than anyone else we’ve found.

One question we’ve been asked a thousand times is “can you smoke kratom” and simply whether we have ever heard of any reports of people smoking kratom. To be honest, we have never tried this, and haven’t heard from anyone who actually has. This has never been documented as a traditional use, but burning it as an incense does have some anecdotal evidence from our research, although, we have yet to uncover any documentation of this plant being rolled into a cigarette, either on its own, or with other smoking herbs. If you have information about that particular thought, we would love to hear from you.