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Our American take on the English language is one that leans heavily on previously existing linguistic systems. We are as much Germanic as we are Romantic, resulting in a grab-bag of word origins and etymologies. The glue holding this all together is a stitch-based post-modern “American-ness,” one that is unafraid to sample, co-opt, and in other words steal from other cultures to create something distinctly our own.

The German language is one of ideas. To read the great German thinkers in their native language is the only true way to understand the nuance of their complicated thought. Any true follower of Kant, Hegel, or Heidegger will tell you as much. And it is perhaps the depth of the German language that results in so many phrases making their way across the Atlantic to our own shores, and settling neatly into our American vernacular.

Somewhere along the line, this was the case with the well-known phrase, “kaufen kratom.” To put it simply, to “kaufen” kratom is to buy kratom. Like many countries across the globe, Germany is no stranger to the growing fascination with kratom. As such, Germans can often be heard wondering where is the best place to kaufen kratom? Perhaps it’s the rhythmic alliteration of the sequential “k”s, or perhaps it’s the pounding of four syllables, a unique beat to mirror the musicality of the experience of using kratom.

Either way, the phrase “kaufen kratom” has spread, as popular phrases often do, beyond the boundaries of Germany and into America. As such, we are proud to speak ourselves as the premiere location to kaufen kratom on the web, no matter where you log on.