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Why Buy Kratom Capsules?

Ginkgo BilobaWhy Buy Kratom capsules is a question we’ve asked ourselves and others from the moment they appeared on the market (and recklessly so!)  Kratom is not approved as a dietary supplement in the United States (or anywhere for that matter), so any sale of Kratom products as a dietary supplement is not technically legal anywhere either.  But Kratom capsules come in slick packaging and head shops swarm to carry them alongside their stacks of other misbranded and mislabeled products.

What’s even more ironic, is how ineffective Kratom capsules are if someone chooses to consume the Kratom capsules they purchase.  And that’s because of a simple scientific reality of Kratom: It relies on a high absorption rate within any system to be effective.

What this means is that Kratom needs to deliver its punch as quickly as possible in order to feel the desired effects from it.  If you look at any herbal product as an example, there are a number of liquid extracts on the market and for good reason; the mouth is a great absorber of herbal products, especially when suspended in alcohol.  Think of your mouth as one large surface area; any liquid will immediately start absorbing into the walls of your mouth instantly.

It’s the same for an herbal tea; the liquid is a great delivery method for dissolved herbs, which start to work their way into your system as soon as you take a drink.  Capsules on the other hand sit in the stomach, and have to be slowly worked-upon by the body.  Capsules are actually somewhat tough and don’t dissolve instantly in the stomach.  (Taking water with any capsules will help the absorption rate because it will help dissolve the capsule faster.)  And, capsule walls are all of different thicknesses and will dissolve in an inconsistent pattern in the system, releasing the product inside at a varying rate as well.

Also, it may seem like a small detail, but the fineness of the Kratom powder can make a big difference in the absorption rate.  And, if an encapsulated powder is not run through a very fine mesh before being placed into the capsule, then the different particle sizes will have a noticeable effect on absorption rates.  That causes an already slow process to be even slower.

For our dollar, we are grateful to responsible online vendors who do not have any Kratom capsules in their online catalog.  This makes sure you’re safer as a customer, and it means they’ll likely be around when it comes time to place another order.  It also gets you a whole, crushed, or powdered Kratom product, much closer to it’s pure, natural state.  Traditionally, and for thousands of years of safe use, Kratom was never recorded as being placed into a capsule.  Leave it to the “quick fix” Americans to take a natural plant product that is more effective when boiled down into a resin, or, in the places it’s legal to do so; to make it into a tea.

Do your part; boycott Kratom capsules as they are almost single-handedly responsible for the spotlight that’s on Kratom right now.  We’d hate to see an import ban on Kratom because it’s being sold as an encapsulated herbal supplement at greedy online stores.  If we don’t buy the Kratom capsules, then vendors will stop selling them, and Kratom will remain legal for many years to come.

Lastly, I know I will instantly lose some “cred” with this article because I’m about to plug someone, but we really like the look of this website as well as the professionalism of the staff, and the quality of their product, so I’m going to simply place a link to their home page.  We know there are a lot of vendors, and I’m sure there are many as awesome as the seller below, of all the places we’ve bought from (including some of the giants) we’ve just had an amazing capsule-free Kratom experience with these guys: