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Premium Kratom

Among the many superlatives thrown around to distinguish one product from another, it appears that “premium” is one of the most abused. As there are no federal restrictions governing a company’s use of adjectives, there is no stopping a retailer from claiming their product to be “premium” without any proof whatsoever. Take a minute to reference a thesaurus and you’ll find the following alternatives for premium: superior, dominant, eminent, greatest, preeminent, and more. With all the “premium kratom” floating around, it can be all too easy to find yourself in a maze of superlatives, disoriented and clueless to which product is the best. One has to wonder: which of these, really, is the premium kratom?

One preferred retailer of all things kratom, Shaman’s Garden, begins where others would potentially end. To differentiate between theirs and the various inferior strains of kratom extract floating around at the price of $5.99/oz, they label their base-level kratom extract “Premium”. In this case, the “premium” means the product has been certified by two independent sources, including Daniel Siebert. So, here, the word denotes a qualitative distinction for the kratom in question when compared to other alternatives at the same price.

From this point, discussions of kratom extract will abandon notions of “premium” behind and replace them with a much less vague methodology. In terms of mitragynine content, this retailer avoids superlatives and speaks in numbers to be compared across the board. Their “Private Reserve” is a full three times as active as the basic “Premium” leaf. From there, the extracts shift purely into numerical differentiations.

The 10x-extract is active in as little as 2G, the 15x-extract is active at 1G, and the extremely-rare, highly-energizing 20x-extract will achieve an effect at less than a gram. And thus, by avoiding empty superlatives, they take the guess work out of buying kratom, allowing you to decide which kratom is the premium for yourself.