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Bali “Kratom Pies” Resin Extract

kratom-resin-piesThis new Kratom Resin Extract is a superior product when compared to the older varieties of Kratom Resin available in past years. The extraction process and quality control standards have greatly increased, making this a much more enjoyable product to work with.

Approximately 7-8 kilos of raw Bali Kratom Leaf (Mitragyna speciosa) are required to produce a single kilo of the very poorly-named Kratom Pies. Kratom Pies are approximately half as strong as the 15 x Kratom Standardized Extract.  We have now started to see this product appearing as “Kratom Resin Chunks”, which we think is far more aptly named.

Kratom Resin Extracts have many advantages over the powdered Kratom extract, and one is obvious; you won’t lose any to spilling or dropping or leaking…the Kratom pie is a solid, but malleable mass that is easy to break sections off of when you need.

The name of the product comes from its unique shape in the form of pies, but as we said, it seems like a very confusing product name.  Anything that’s called a “pie” might be confused as something that’s intended for consumption.  Kratom is not currently legal to be sold for consumption anywhere in the world, although we know that the Botanical Legal Defense group is looking to change all that!  This makes for easy measurement and uniform distribution of the Kratom Resin Pie product. In the past, venders were supplied with 1KG “bricks” of Kratom, making it difficult to distribute, especially to the many customers who have come to adore this wondrous plant.  We’ve seen photos of retailers smashing the resin inside a series of plastic bags with a hammer!

The Kratom Pies average around 36-41 grams per Kratom Resin Chunk. The prices are all based on 36 gram pies, so if yours is heavy; it’s a free bonus! It’s important to remember that since the pies are malleable, that they may not retain their perfectly formed shapes when freshly out of the manufacturing plant, but this is O.K. They are just as fresh and easy to work with, and looks are often irrelevant, especially in this case!

The reason these pies are so malleable is because they are more easily worked with.  Please look throughout our site for more informative articles on Kratom Pies and Kratom Resin Extract in the many forms it is available.