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Kratom Liquid

Kratom Liquid Extract is similar to a tincture, but serves a very different purpose. An elixir is not as concentrated as a tincture or a liquid extract, and is often mixed with several other plants as well, with, in the case of Kratom, other plants that will synergize with the main ingredient. For example, the Kratom Liquid Extract available at a few sites is a mixture of a full spectrum extract of Kratom, often with additional ingredients such as Blue Lily and Kava Kava extracts, which will give the extract a different character and aroma. One website called Herb Spirits seems to be the company that manufacturers most of the elixirs and tinctures that are commercially available through online Kratom retailers.

Often, Kratom Liquid Extracts are used for a different experience; liquid extracts provide a synergistic effect, rather than an experience that is the result of just one plant. Blue Lily mixed with Kratom, we have found, imparts a much different aroma to the liquid, making it much more pleasant to work with. It also provides, in our opinion, a much more “heady” response to the Kratom Liquid Extract, making it much more of a thought provoking experience, quite conducive to meditation.

Don’t expect to be knocked over with the Kratom Liquid Extracts; this is not their purpose, and is what liquid extracts exist for. Liquid Extracts are far more subtle of an experience, inviting one to sit quietly, contemplating their mental state and experience, letting the Kratom scented-room work gently on ones body and mind.

One of the things to note about Kratom Liquid Extract is that it absorbs into any system quickly because of its liquid nature.  This means that it will blend well with any smoking blend you make, it will mix into whatever incense blend you’re currently filling the room with, and will instantly blend with any potpourri or other aromatherapy blend you happen to life most.