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Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder

While it has traditionally been used as an oral, chewed product in Thailand, in the United States, kratom is available in three main forms, one of them being kratom powder. The first is in whole leaf form, by which a customer receives a package of dried leaves, stacked and bagged by the retailer. This is often the preferred form of kratom for those concerned with the most “natural” experience possible; seeing the leaf in its original form satisfies a certain aesthetic impulse. The second form is resin, in which the kratom extract is solidified into a coal-like chuck from which smaller portions can be cut or shaved whenever more incense is needed for whatever ritual you are performing with the incense.

Then, there’s kratom powder. Among the many benefits of kratom powder is the cheaper shipping costs. As opposed to leaves, which require large bags and envelopes, powder can be shipped with minimal packaging. Also, kratom powder is the easiest form to measure: simply break out the measuring spoons, scoop the desired amount, and that’s it. And since high quality kratom powder has a consistent mitragynine content, assuming that it comes as a standardized plant extract done in a reliable environment, you can rely on a specific potency every time.

Be wary when purchasing kratom powder, however, by retailers who make outrageous claims about strength and potency. There is a tendency to toss around superlatives like “super” and “premium” in the place of more relevant descriptions. Consumers will do better to rely on meaningful ratios to determine the potency of their kratom powder, such as IAmShaman’s 10x, which is active at as little as 2 grams, 15x, active 1 gram. Now, but with limited availability, there is the rare 20x New Guinea extract, for the true connoisseurs of the kratom world who have a reliable, strong, and extremely special product for their discerning tastes. Truly an evolution..