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Kratom Standardized 15X Extract

First we are officially discontinuing production of the following Kratom products.

  • Powdered Premium Instant Kratom
  • Fresh Kratom Extract
  • Powdered SUPER Premium Kratom
  • SUPER Strength Kratom Whole Leaf
  • Enhanced Kratom Powder
  • Lyophilized Kratom

The above existing Kratom products may soon disappear from many online websites due to a few advances in extraction techniques, diverting the raw leaf from so many confusing types of products, to some simpler ones. There is a relatively new product that we have found to be vastly superior to every other Kratom product available, and it’s almost one of those “too good to be true” moments when one first works with the plant. These new products are high quality 10x and 15x Kratom Powdered Extracts.

We will quote IAmShaman Shop below, rewritten with permission, to explain the move away from the above products:

We have always been concerned with the consistency of our various Kratom grades and did our honest best to keep the consistency of each grade but we understand there were always variants in the alkaloid content of each harvest, leaf to leaf, tree to tree and season to season. We did a bioassay on each harvest as best we could but the logistics of doing a quantitative analysis of each harvest are practically impossible over here. We have been basing our different Kratom grades on the effects of us personally and many others that we employ to test all of our Kratom, batch from batch. We understand this is not a perfect science but trust us when we say we ALWAYS tried to do our best by not taking any short cuts. Along with all our customers we too have been learning and understanding Kratom and its effects, medicinal applications and alkaloid variants to bring us to this point!. The point of evolution and change for the better is upon us now. Hopefully with this change in product lineup the complaints you receive from time to time from clients will no longer apply as we will only be offering the 10x and the 15x standardized extract and the Commercial grade leaves.

We have also seen so many shops and dealers online intentionally miss-representing the product they have that we felt it was time to remove this area of potential abuse from the spectrum. What I mean by this is some people ONLY buy commercial grade Kratom, yet on their sites they offer premium, super, etc. This is nothing more than unscrupulous dealers buying the lowest grade product and grinding it themselves to offer at a higher price. This type of misleading we feel strongly injures the retail public’s trust and weakens their respect for this magical herb.

Since is one of the only commercial suppliers of Kratom, we feel that we must treat it with the respect it deserves to help prolong kratom’s marketable life in today’s bureaucratic world of Big Brother. With this in mind, we are now going to actively try to help shape the way it is sold and advertised, at least within the United States where Kratom is completely legal in all states. There are many ethnobotanical suppliers we are proud to be associated with but there are those few whom we disagree with the way they advertise and promote their Kratom. As a result, for any wholesale orders of the new Powdered Extracts, we will be including “dealer guidelines” with every order, and higher minimum orders to help ensure that Kratom stays in a positive light and does not get slammed into something evil like some dealers are trying to do to make a quick buck. We look to all of you to help in this matter and ask that you do your best to help keep Kratom legal by making us aware of any websites or sellers that are not selling or advertising it responsibly.

So, with our continuing to strive to supply the highest quality Kratom we will only offer one grade of Kratom besides our commercial leaf once our present supply of Super Kratom is sold out. This new product without out further to do, will be known worldwide as 10x and 15x Standardized Dry Powder Kratom Extract.

You ask; “Well, what is this Standardized Dry Powder Kratom Extract anyway and why is it such a big deal? Well, let’s tell you:

Over the last few months we have been striving to produce a perfect” SINGLE Kratom product, to eliminate confusion, and to eliminate the growing varieties of Kratom products. We have now managed to harvest the fruits of our labor!!! The new 10x and 15X Dry Powder Extract is what it’s name suggests….a DRY….Powdered…..Extract. We are having this amazing extract produced at a special industrial plant extract facility in China. This facility is FDA registered and specializes in manufacturing extracts from various plants for use in food supplements and herbal medicines all of which are exported to the US & Europe. Since the products produced by this facility are all for human consumption the conditions while making their extracts are VERY STRICTLY controlled for hygiene. Their standards are the highest in the industry and their equipment comprises of the best that technology can provide. We are now sending them all of our bulk material by air each week where it is first sterilized thoroughly and then carefully extracted, filtered and finally spray dried producing a “food quality” ULTRA CONSISTENT product.

This new extract is a dry and VERY fine powder. In fact it is almost as fine as talc powder, or similar to our Instant Kava for those people who are familiar with this. In our opinion this is about as good as it gets and can be VERY easily mixed into any drink or gel capped. It is also nice and strong and active at only about 1gm with 2 gm (estimate based on personal use) being a nice therapeutical dose. No more mess and no more need to have to consume large amounts of bitter tasting leaf matter!!!

This may sound hard to believe but it is also quite tasty especially when mixed into a shake it produces almost a caramel type of taste!! We believe this is due to the amount of undesirable by product we are able to discard of after this amazing extraction process is complete and leaves us with such a pure product like this.

Possibly some of you are thinking that this all sounds very well but might be concerned about the price for such a perfect product!!!! Well, we are very happy to tell you all that we feel that we can all market this at an affordable price. I think that you can appreciate that there are MANY more costs in producing this considering that first VERY large amounts of raw material have to be shipped to China, following by the extraction and drying process to make this product and then finally packaged and shipped back to us before we can even offer it. We have been dedicated in our efforts keep the prices on this new product as low as possible by absorbing all of these extra costs because it is OUR PLEASURE to be able to produce a superior product. In life what goes around must come around, and we are so convinced that you will all appreciate the 10x and 15x Dry Powder Kratom Extract and see great response from your clients on it, and that things will work out NICELY for us all in the long run.

Also we believe that it is not necessarily a good thing for Kratom to be too cheap as this will only encourage abuse especially from younger people who will try & use it for a “cheap kick”. We understand that it can’t be too expensive as this will also deprive many people of its magic and will be difficult for people who may urgently need it medicinally because of the price. The price structure that we have chosen we hope will be affordable as medicine and a nice occasional treat if used recreationally.

Above all…PLEASE REMEMBER, let’s keep Kratom legal by being RESPONSIBLE!!!