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Those who have used kratom know that it is a truly special product. Harvested from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, kratom has long been used and revered by the Thai people for a number of reasons, both in terms of its euphoric and sedative effects and its stimulating effects when used in larger doses. Kratom users in Thailand tended to be working-class laborers and farmers looking to ease the burdens of their difficult existences. Folk wisdom claimed that kratom users were harder workers, and therefore better suited for marriage, than marijuana users. Some of these men (women who use kratom were apparently somewhat rare) would chew the plant’s fresh leaves anywhere from 3 to 10 times daily. Over time, though, the desired effect might require larger doses, ranging from 10-30 leaves each day. And, while studies are inconclusive on what level of addiction was experienced among Thai kratom users, it would seem that high doses sustained for long periods of time could result in addiction.

As is well documented by now, the plant has spread westward, opening the door to much more extensive use across the planet. What was for years the secret of Southeast Asia has grown into an international phenomenon, with kratom usage growing in Europe and here in the United States. And, concurrent with that old Thai wisdom, some who use kratom report a desire to work harder, and increased energy. Could it be that the old stories are true, and kratom users make for better husbands (and wives?) than those who resort to illicit drugs? Well, one thing is for sure: to use kratom doesn’t require breaking any laws. Which, to us, seems a healthy first step toward a safe, happy lifestyle.