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15x Kratom Extract

How do you measure progress? In some cases, it’s as simple as speed, size, or distance. Today, we can sit back and watch progress occur on a wide array of fronts, whether they be technological, medicinal, physical, or scientific. Surely, much of this progress can be attributed to basic human nature. Rarely content to settle with what we have, our species is constantly reaching for what comes next. It was this spirit that drove the explorers of centuries long ago, and continues today to push mankind to the furthest reaches of what is known.

So, too, can we point to a free market economy and the spirit of competition it fosters. Educated consumers will search out the newest and the best product they can find. Without progress, purveyors of goods will fall to the wayside, swept into the gutters while the innovators carry onward.

When it comes to kratom, progress is measured by consistency of mitragynin content along with mixability and fineness of powder. In the case of 15x kratom, what we have is a supremely fine powder that will mix easily with virtually any fluid, while exhibiting regulated, consistent potency. Behind each kilogram of 15x kratom lies approximately 22.5 kilos of fresh leaf that has been dried, ground, and then extracted into a powder or resin form.

And while it’s an old, tired marketing trick to apply superlatives or arbitrary numbers to a product and claim it is somehow better, with 15x kratom you can be sure that the extract you are purchasing is a very fine, powdered extract with a consistent and high mitragynine content. Active in as small amounts as 1 G, 15x kratom is the standard against which all other extracts will soon be judged. Where the future leads is impossible to say. For now, rest assured that this particular product is as close the clichéd cutting edge as possible.

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