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How to Buy Kratom

How to Buy Kratom

One problem with the emergence of a new and exciting product onto the market is the amount of conjecture that invariably surrounds it. The rumor circuit can be a filthy place, full of masked intentions and deeply held biases. So it bears clarifying that currently in the United States, to buy kratom is every bit as legal an activity as walking down the street, or bending to tie your shoes.

The same is true for all of Europe, South America, and Africa. In fact, in every country outside of Thailand it is perfectly legal to buy Kratom (it should be noted, though, that Australia, Malaysia, and Myanmar list Kratom as a “controlled substance”). But these places have also banned almost everything that might be considered a natural or herbal product.

Of course, knowing something is legal doesn’t end the discussion. There remains the pesky issue of deciding where, exactly, one should go to buy kratom. Since it is a specialty product, don’t expect to waltz into a Target or WalMart and find it on the shelves. Instead, consumers are best served by turning to the internet to buy it, although one must be extraordinarily careful about the choices they make about where and which to buy.

The only restrictions that have been self-imposed in the industry, are that you are at least eighteen-years of age to purchase this product. This is true of so many others as well, where there is no specific law or FDA regulation dictating such things, but it’s nice to see internet retailers taking the lead and sel-imposing this restriction. It helps preserve our freedom to explore these plants for an indefinite amount of time.

The only question that remains is from which retailer should a consumer buy kratom? Here, the traditional guidelines for retail are every bit as important as with other products. Customers should demand quick, accurate, and friendly service that is backed by the security of a satisfaction guarantee. With our years of research of online e-tailers, the same company comes up Number One every single time. We know that they are the best place on the net to buy kratom, and we invite you to make them prove it.


  1. I am healing from an 18 year history of morphine, 2 yrs orally, 16 years with an implanted, intrathecal morphine (sulfate) pump under the care of a Board-cert pain management doctor.
    . My latest pump’s battery died Aug 25, so by mid-sleep Aug 25-26 I began intrathecal withdrawal.
    . I dealt with the horrific w/d, in the care of my sons, and, in desperation, tried Kratom about 3.5 weeks ago. I seem to prefer Myaeng Da(?). I live in a small social security insurance benefit so am needful of best value, best price, best usage advice.
    . I really appreciate any good advice you can provide. Thanks very much.
    . –Holly