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Kratom – My Hydrocodone Cure

Kratom found its way to me quite unexpectedly, as if in a dream. I have long suffered from excruciating back pain due to an inoperable slipped disk, and have been prescribed every kind of pain killer known to the pharmaceutical world. Presently, my only way of finding relief is through a highly addictive medication called Hydrocodone. It is a mixture of a codeine-like substance with acetaminophen, and is classified as a narcotic analgesic. But, even then, knowing that my mind and body are addicted to this substance is a great deal for me to handle.

I experience an overwhelming sluggishness, a weariness that wraps itself around me with an iron grip that begins from the moment I wake up, and continues throughout my day. It is as if my life had slipped into a waking dream, as if I had fallen asleep and somehow never managed to awake.

But now, I have found something that is nothing short of a miracle, and it is called Kratom, or Mitragynine speciosa. From the first moment I made a tea of this plant, the pain in my back dissolved before me, and I felt an energy that I had not known for quite some time; an energy that had become nothing more than a distant memory of something I thought I once knew.

Kratom has changed my world completely; it is now brighter and with a future. I used to have to force myself out of bed, partly because I knew that all that lay ahead of me was a dull aching pain stabbing me in my back throughout the day, and partly because with so little energy, making my way through my day often seemed like an insurmountable task. I was always drained, and no matter how determined or ambitious I was to ignore it and to use my mind to overcome the pain and the weariness, I never could find any relief. Until now.

In addition to finding something that has made me feel NORMAL again, for the absolute first time in years, I have also been able to wean myself off of Hydrocodone! I kid you not! This addictive pharmaceutical that held me in its grip for so long, no longer has control of my mind, my body, and my spirit! Kratom, in a way, has been my savoir, giving me my life back, when I thought there was no hope.

I write this, but in fear that the United States government and its interest in big business such as the pharmaceutical industry, will soon take this amazing Kratom plant away from me. I am a responsible citizen who breaks no laws. I am not looking to get high from the drugs I take; I am simply looking for a way out of the prison I have been in for so long.

As I do research, I see that the DEA views Kratom as a “growing problem” rather than new hope for pain relief and a cure for addiction. Why this is, I have no idea. I was told that it’s because it’s a natural plant product, that plant products can’t be patented, and therefore the government or pharmaceutical companies can’t make money from it, so instead, they may chooso to demonize it, just like they have so many other things.

The benefits of marijuana are countless…it is a wonder plant for clothing, for strong ropes that don’t rot from mildew, to food products, protein supplements, to even helping cancer patients and people with glaucoma. After reading and reading and reading, I found that alcohol and tobacco, which is legal, kills about a half of a million people in the United States every year, but that marijuana kills no one! But alcohol and tobacco are legal, and marijuana is illegal! Go figure!

So I am worried that the same thing is going to happen to this plant that has breathed new life into my little world. There is no way to describe the pain that I have had to endure on a daily basis, and no way to describe how the Hydrocodone made me feel as well. Take a vice, and clamp it down as hard as you can on your torso, and then imagine yourself after a long night of drinking, where it is no longer fun, and you are simply tired and nauseated. This is how I used to feel all day, every day. But Kratom has changed all that for me.

If anyone who might read this knows if there is anything I can do to protect my right to make teas out of Kratom, please let me know. I know that it’s completely legal right now, as is Mitragynine (the active ingredient, but one of many I am told), but I don’t want to ever have to be without this amazing and miraculous plant ever again.

If nothing else, just the thought that I am putting something all-natural, from Mother Nature into my body, something that has been used by countless people for countless years, makes me feel better. Not only do I feel far less groggy during my days, but because I am so much less groggy, I am better able to take care of myself. I can exercise again, I have the energy to cook good food for myself, and I have so much hope for the future now.

Thank you, Kratom, and thank the people who made it available to me in the United States. Please keep it legal, I feel like the life I forgot, the life I love so much, depends on it.

– Darryl