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Writing an article on Kratom extract could possibly be the most difficult article I’ve ever tried to write on ANY subject. With so many sources on the internet popping up like mushrooms almost daily, with every new site and product claiming to be the “strongest” or “most potent” extract available, it becomes nearly impossible to decipher fact from fiction. I hope to help change all of that.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a Kratom extract. Among other things, know that it’s NOT just the Mitragyna alkaloid that is responsible for the desired effects of Kratom. Kratom is a complex plant as are the effects derived from it. Over 25 alkaloids have been isolated from Kratom, and to preserve the most pleasurable effects when making a Kratom extract, an extract that is, of not Full Spectrum, is not capturing the plant in its natural and most-potent form.

Next, the highest concentration of Kratom extract that can mathematically and physically be made, especially one that preserves the complete Full Spectrum alkaloid content and can be made into a resinous form, is about a 20X or 20:1 extraction ratio. Anything above that is either marketing hype, an inferior product that has only isolated a few of the key alkaloids, something that has been seriously adulterated, or simply an outright lie as to what the product is and/or contains.

Read our “No Difference Between Kratom Extracts?” article for rumors circulating on some blogs that are spreading misinformation about potency of extracts.

Finally, know that no matter what we take into our bodies, there is a magical property called “maximum absorption rate”, no matter what it is. A simple example is Vitamin-C. So many herbal supplement manufacturers tout “1000% of the RDA for Vitamin-C”, but the reality is, most of that 1000% will be eliminated by urinating it out. Why? – Because there is only “so much” (thankfully) that these amazing machines known as our human bodies can absorb in a particular amount of time before whatever it is is broken down into something else, or simply digested and eliminated.

With this in mind, and more than almost any other product, it’s important to know and trust whomever you buy your Kratom products from. Kratom Leaf is far more difficult to adulterate, since it’s just that; plain leaf. But extracts…the potential for adulteration skyrockets, because unless someone happens to have analytical equipment sitting in their secret basement laboratory, you need to trust that what you are told you are getting is actually what you are getting.

And this is where we get the most upset: There are only a few manufacturers of Kratom extract in existence, and only two licensed importers of Kratom in the United States that we could fine. From our research, we’ve counted just 5 total manufacturers of Kratom and all of its derivative products worldwide. That’s not many! These manufacturers are the only ones who then supply the over 336 venders (and counting) who now offer Kratom extracts in one form or another for sale on their websites.

The names vary, the “x” factor varies even more, and the sheer number of “different” products can be staggering, and if nothing else; downright confusing. If I’m looking to buy Kratom or some form of a Kratom extract, how on Earth can I decide WHICH one of the countless products to buy?

Here are a critical buying tips for Kratom extracts in detail:

  1. Remember the magic extraction number of 20x or 20:1. Also remember that extracts are typically based on an AVERAGE alkaloid content of any particular plant. So, if the generally-accepted alkaloid content of plain, un-extracted Kratom Leaf is about 17mg of mitragynine (5%) per 20 leaves. If each leaf weighs about 1/2 of a gram, twenty leaves would weigh 10 grams. This means that, for a Kratom extract to be a 120x extract (we’ve seen this online!), it would be physically impossible for the extract to be anything more than a single isolated Kratom alkaoid, and even then, it would not be in the form of a resin…it would have to be a pure dry, powdered form.
  2. As mentioned before, just like Vitamin-C (and virtually every herbal supplement or food we put into our bodies), only a certain amount of Kratom can be absorbed before it digests. Taking anything more than a 20x extract or a typical resin extract of 10x could potentially be extremely wasteful because of absorption rate.
  3. Assuming that a Kratom extract advertised as a 120x is not actually that to begin with, if by some fluke of physics and chemistry it actually was that strong, the human body would eliminate most of this through the body as waste. (No, Kratom doesn’t continue absorbing into the body or bloodstream as it enters the intestines.) So, if it’s more costly than a typical 15x Kratom Extract, consider how much the benefits, in reality, might outweigh the cost (and, if it’s cheaper than trusted 10x – 20x from your favorite vender, that is even more reason for concern and suspicion) of the product. I can guarantee that you will be taken for a ride.

  4. It might be worth repeating this as a mantra to yourself: “Go with a trusted vender when buying Kratom.” I can’t stress enough on how important this is, but especially when it comes to Kratom extracts, tinctures, and even plain leaf in general. As I said before, there are only a few manufacturers and/or importers of this amazing plant, and the rest are cheap imitations, or folks trying to take the Standardized 10x – 20x extracts commercially available, and making it into something they want to try to make more money from.
  5. So, if you find someone offering a Kratom extract that is more than that, it’s most-likely a derivative of a 20x extract that has been worked, isolated, and actually weakened by some further manufacturing process. The “x” factor relies on a NON-STANDARDIZED number, or percentage of mitragynine alkaloid content, so if some unscrupulous vender wants to claim that they’ve got a 35x or a 120x or even a 250x Kratom extract…what exactly are these numbers based on? – 250x of something that has almost no active alkaloid content is, in a word; worthless.

    Additional Thoughts

    As an affiliate, we can associate ourselves with anyone we wish, and honestly, not only are we mad passionate about Kratom, we hope to generate enough referrals to pay for this website and the massive amounts of research we do. As a result, it’s in our best interest to align ourselves with venders who not only have the most reliable and consistent Kratom products, but the ones who we feel confident referring customers to.

    In all truth, IAmShaman Shop and Shaman’s Garden are the folks we buy our Kratom from, so we’re proud to pass them onto you.

    And one extra piece of advice: When you’re as large as they are (I know for a fact that they started counting their orders at 1,000 orders, and they are now up to 175,000 as of this writing) there’s no way to please everyone. They are the biggest and best for one reason alone; they provide a superior product with superior customer service.

    We’ve actually tested out several venders’ 100% Guarantees, and IAmShaman Shop and Shaman’s Garden are the only ones who allowed us a true “no questions asked” return or replacement of our Kratom. (WOW!) I know we all want to think that every order will be without problems or issues, but on those rare occasions that there is a problem, it’s nice to know that the company you made your purchase from is there for you.

    So, do I trust them to actually offer the strength of Kratom extracts that they say they do? – Without question! Do I trust that they actually DO have their own farm where they grow their own “Private Reserve” products? – Without a doubt. Does any of that make any difference when making my Kratom purchase? – Without question.

    A Few General Words on Extracts

    The word “extract” means to remove, or take out, especially by force. Plant have been extracted for centuries, to either concentrate or make the active components more available to the user. In fact, people don’t think about it, but common tea is a form of plant extraction! When discussed in terms of kratom extract, however, the word “extract” is used as a noun with a very specific meaning. Namely, “a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in a concentrated form.”

    The majority of natural essences are obtained by extracting the essential oils from the blossoms, fruit, and roots of plants. In the case of fruit flavors, such as banana, cherry, currant, and others, extracts are produced by chemical combinations of compound ethers, special oils, and dyes to achieve the desired colors. The most common ethers employed in this process are acetic and butyric.

    In the case of kratom extract, the herbal benefits of this amazingly diverse plant are removed from the leaves and condensed into a more powerful form. Freshly picked kratom leaves ensure that the extract will be as potent as possible. The various strengths are measured by the amount of leaf that is reduced to an gram of extract. So, in the case of 10x extract, ten grams of leaves result in one gram of extract. Stronger kratom extracts will likewise be drawn from more leaves into one gram of powder, which, unlike some extracts which take the form of resin, will mix easily and thoroughly with all liquids.

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  1. Thank you so much for this information. I recently purchased some kratom caps from a website & they didn’t work at all. I’m going to order from one of the two websites you recommended. 🙂


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