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Kratom as an Aphrodisiac

Kratom as an Aphrodisiac

We have often been asked if Kratom is a good aphrodisiac, and the answer is a definite and resounding no. Kratom acts in similar ways that an opiate does, and acts to depress the central nervous system. Reduced excitation has often been reported, but disappears the moment effects of the plant wear off in a few hours.

These are only anecdotal stories, and none of been tested in a clinical situation, so it’s difficult to make any valid judgment about this topic whatsoever. There are always so many factors to consider when trying to validate any claims such as the aphrodisiac qualities of any natural herbal product.

Herbs like Damiana and Yohimbe Bark have been scientifically-proven to stimulate blood flow around the genital area, but no such reports have been found pertaining to any use of Kratom as an aphrodisiac.

In another sense, if the physical effects of Kratom couldn’t be considered an aphrodisiac, one can always look to the mental effects that an herb like this might provide. For example, just as Kava has been referred to as the “anti-shyness” herb, maybe the same could be true for Kratom, which reportedly also acts as a relaxant, possibly making one more open to different possibilities presented to them, lessening anxiety, and increasing pleasure and enjoyment of a situation.

In short, despite the lack of any substantial evidence on the aphrodisiac qualities of this wondrous plant, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Like many other herbal products available, the jury is still out, so to speak, and new reports and anecdotes come in daily, altering our perception and increasing our awareness of the possibilities that herbs such as Kratom present.

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  1. I have to completely disagree. In mid to low doses I can’t help but to get a raging hard-on weather its out and about or at home with my love. I become quite flirtatiousas well… To some that i know it has the opposite effect but for myself and my brother its one of the best aphrodisiac indeed.